Subject: Normally I would point at you for a question like that. ^_^
Posted on: 2019-11-07 18:58:20 UTC

I don't think I'm especially good with any fictional language. However, the Dragon Tongue from Skyrim is fairly well developed and has its own script. I've taken a stab at a translation:

Mu los kiir do pogaan leinne. Ont mu rovaan sizaan, nuz nu mu siiv pahsemu. Mu gron haalu ol fahdonne, ahrk naal haalu mu wahl goraan lein ol zeymahzinne.


We are children of many worlds. Once we wandered lost, but now we find all-of-us. We link our hands as allies, and by our hands we build [a] young world as companions.


  • The Dragon Language doesn't typically make use of articles. They can be added in for the sake of emphasis, formality, or poetic meter, but I haven't done so here.
  • leinne, fahdonne, and zeymahzinne are plural constructions of lein (world), fahdon (ally, friend), and zeymahzin (companion, lit. more like honor-brother), respectively. It's not strictly necessary, since most nouns in the Dragon Language can be singular or plural and the context is pretty clear here, but I thought emphasis was appropriate. The plural construction can also be used or not for the sake of poetic meter. {= )
  • haalu (our hands) could also be written un halle (or even un haal; haal is the base word "hand"), but I think it flows best the way it is.
  • pahsemu (all-of-us) is my construction. I think it's valid, but you could use just pah (all, pronoun) or mu (we/us/ourselves) instead to be safe.

There is, of course, Klingon, but I know absolutely nothing about working with that one.


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