Subject: Project Writing: Dragons Edition
Posted on: 2020-03-11 18:55:37 UTC

So, it's been pointed out to me that I keep spamming the Discord with my latest writing project - my Flight Rising dragons. In order to make it easier for people to keep an eye on all this stuff and react to it, I'm just gonna compile it all on here.

For reference, there's a few lore projects I've taken to being a part of; most prominently, Viking's Dirge, Memento Mori, and my own personal project, Sweet Dreams. To see all my shiny dragons, you can check out my lair; most of the dragons with stories are in the Lorelets and Sweet Dreams tabs, but not all.

I'll be putting which projects someone is a part of in their subject line, using the project initials (VD, MM, and SD, for example). For now... well, have fun with the lore!

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