Subject: Lunar (VD, WL)
Posted on: 2020-03-11 18:58:49 UTC

(WL here stands for Wardens of the Lost, a lore project currently on hiatus. You can find Lunar here.)

Lunar was a dragon of many talents, many roles. Several powerful families converged with him, and all their magics flowed through his veins. As a result, his role was a delicate balance of abilities and duties.

Emotional projection, as it turned out, was a very useful skill for a general to have. He was able to whip his men into a frenzy, strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, and settle tempers without a word. Luckily, he didn't necessarily need to feel the emotions he tried to project - but it did help, and his mimicking tendencies as a Nocturne turned it into a powerful feedback loop.

It also served as a useful aid to his other duty: a guide to lost souls struggling to find their afterlives. While he wasn't capable of personally walking them to the gates of the Underworld, he was quite capable of helping them work through the issues blocking them from finding them on their own, and if they simply couldn't bear to leave this world on its own just yet... well. He could help them with that, too, if a few friends of his were willing to assist.

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