Subject: Alim (VD)
Posted on: 2020-03-11 19:02:26 UTC

The ship boards creaked in Alim's study, the sound mingling with that of shifting parchment and the occasional scratchy quill to create the perfect picture of a scholar. Or rather, in this case, an augur.

The thin crest on Alim's forehead very slowly stopped glowing, and he settled onto the floor with a sigh. He closed his eyes - one good, one bad - and covered himself with his wings, again drained by his scrying. The bowl of wood chips and fish guts could be cleaned up later; for now, he needed rest.

That plan was interrupted as his general, Lunar, entered. He didn't knock; he never did.

"Good evening, Alim," Lunar said respectfully.

Alim sighed and lifted his head. "I didn't see anything new," he said flatly. "Just ships for miles. If you want to report that to Ragnar, you're welcome to. I can't promise you'll have undamaged wings after, though."

Lunar shook his head; Alim had to fight off a sudden wave of tiredness. "Really, Alim," he said, "you're a gifted augur - marked by the gods and everything. How can you not even find out where these ships hail from?"

"I don't know," he said. "I'd say I need better materials, but honestly, I..." He hesitated, then sighed again. "I'm worried I might lose the gift if I keep throwing myself at this."

Lunar sighed, but stepped back out. "I'll leave you be for the day, then," he said, voice as respectful as it ever got. "But we need something. Anything. And soon."

The door clicked shut, and Alim closed his eyes again. He'd look again later. He just needed a nap first.

A nap and a chance to digest the visions of slaughter. Not to mention figuring out a viable plan for keeping his family alive.

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