Subject: Woodenheart (No Project)
Posted on: 2020-03-12 01:22:06 UTC

Woodenheart hmphed at the sight before him. "Really," he muttered, "this is no state to leave something in."

The record of his new clan were absolutely abysmal. They were still primarily operating on oral history, it was true, but that was no excuse for their complete library of records to be a collection of prophecy, a few scrolls of contract, and a truly tiny pile of trade receipts.

Well. He would just have to fix it himself, now that he was here. First order of business: an interview with the Progenitors. Or perhaps the Coatl with the crown he'd heard someone refer to as Prince. Or possibly the prophets. Or maybe it was best to start with the sailors, or the off-putting undead...

He sighed. So much to do.

At least it would get done now.

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