Subject: Hannah (MM)
Posted on: 2020-03-11 19:01:49 UTC

Hannah had always known what death was, it felt like. She had been sat down as a hatchling and had it explained to her - that her family was cursed not only to die, but to come back to die again. She thought, growing up, that the curse had simply faded - her mother, after all, seemed perfectly alive, if odd - but... well.

That wasn't true, now, was it?

It was just a hunting accident. She had been out with the hunters, looking for extra food for her new clan, and they had been ambushed by a pack of kamaitachi. Calla had tried to shove her out of the way, but he misjudged and only tipped her over. She bled to death soon after, barely clinging to consciousness until the hunters had dispatched all the ambushers.

Her brooch whispered to her as she died. "Does your heart burn hot enough to survive?"

Yes, she thought. She tried to speak; the words wouldn't come.

The brooch heard anyways. "Have you earned your second chance?"

Yes, she thought again. The thought was stronger this time; it felt like liquid fire was filling her throat.

"Then keep me always," it whispered, "and I shall keep you alive."

I will.

The flames roared through her veins; slowly, she stood, injuries scarring over in moments. Hannah stood on unsteady feet, crawling over to her pearl immediately. She barely heard Calla calling for her. That could be dealt with in time.

For now... she was alive. Alive again.

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