Subject: Hypnoni (MM) (CW: implied bad things happening to a child)
Posted on: 2020-03-11 19:04:25 UTC

"Lonely spirit, you who wanders still here, Soul of child lost in foreign field; Gentle spirit, searching for a way home, I shall guide you to a world unsealed."

The mist in front of Hypnoni shifted, slowly collecting into the shape of a small Spiral. Her soul wavered, twisting around itself, watching Hypnoni as he closed his book and extended a paw.

"Hello, little one," he said softly. "Are you lost?"

The spiral nodded. Very, she whispered. I'm very lost.

"Do you remember where your body is?" Hypnoni asked. His voice remained gentle - child souls were often the most easily frightened.

She shook her head. I haven't been able to find me again. Not since I got like this.

"Is there anything you feel attached to?"

The old tree. Her form wavered, already starting to bleed back into mist. Mommy and I played there a lot.

"Can you show me the old tree?" Hypnoni asked. She nodded, turning to point a wing off into the distance.

It's that way. On top of the hill. Can you find me there?

Hypnoni smiled. "Yes, little one," he said. "I will find you again. And then we'll visit somewhere new together."

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