Subject: Shadestar (SD) (CW: self-harm thoughts)
Posted on: 2020-03-12 00:16:52 UTC

Shadestar had always been a deeply empathetic dragon. As a Skydancer, his ability to read emotions had influenced that - and he had always been a bit too good at that, often allowing them to dictate his own entirely.

This turned out to be very, very bad for him when the nightmare plague struck.

He was no longer simply overly empathetic then. Then, he started absorbing the nightmares of other members of his clan - granting them peace and respite, yes, and keeping the clan in one piece until true help arrived, but at the cost of much of his mental - and some of his physical - health.

Shadestar is mute, now, and his eyes are cold and distant. Black cracks thread their way across his body; on frigid winter nights, they leak droplets of magic and dreamstuff, which soak into the soil and would spread the plague afresh if not for the efforts of his mate. Every now and again, he wonders if he bleeds that same substance. It takes effort, sometimes, not to find out.

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