Subject: Here, have six stories! Yes, I really do mean six :D
Posted on: 2020-05-18 17:08:20 UTC

This is a combination of prompt fills spruced up a little (or a lot) for wiki archiving as interludes, and a little new stuff, hence putting up six together. They do also cover a range of genres, so to speak, so hopefully there's something for every reading mood (okay, except fluff; somehow I don't have a super-fluffy piece ready to go)! My hope is that y'all get some amusement and/or entertainment out of at least some of these. I'll note the genres by the titles, for fun and as a guide if anyone wants to read based on that.

Here we go:


Caution: Humans May Be Fragile (historical interlude, hurt/comfort)

Summary: Seventeen-year-old DOGA agent Dawn McKenna is injured in a new way while on a joint mission with her partner and her partner’s former partner. Set June 2010. Originally published May 29, 2018.


Bigger on the Inside - Jacques Reacts (mildly NSFW, mostly for innuendo and some language) (utter silliness prompted by Neshomeh, humor)

Summary: Jacques Bonnefoy reacts (in MST format) to a song about Doctor Who.


Continuity: Keys (Continuity Council interlude, humor/adventure) (unfinished, but the longest piece of the six)

Summary: The Continuity Council gets caught up in an...interesting situation after the Reader accepts a simple mission from the Doctor. Set who knows when, probably 2019 or up to a couple years earlier. Originally written and posted on the Board July-August 2019, by (in order of joining) Zingenmir, Huinesoron, and Iximaz.


Though Every Thread is Torn (historical interlude, horror. No, really. I do write horror once in a while!) T-rated.

Summary: Jacques Bonnefoy finally goes on a long-anticipated date. It goes differently than expected. Set January 30, 2016. Originally published May 13, 2018. Very minor spoilers for Torchwood season 2 and Supernatural seasons 4-5. Warnings at the end of the doc if wanted.


Gerry On the Wing (possibly extracanonical interlude, adventure)

Summary: In another world, Nurse Gerry must look within to save a child. Semi-canonical. Originally published October 30, 2019. (See ending a/n for details on who Gerry is--this is his only written appearance so far.)


The Wandering Baron (Plort interlude covering three years, reflective)

Summary: Eshakhar, now a baron, builds a castle and rearranges her life.


Hope you've enjoyed! I'm open to comments and concrit, as always, though for the most part I don't really plan on doing extensive editing for any of these. The 'Jacques Reacts' piece is unlikely to be edited at all, past typos and so on; I'm not even sure it's going on the wiki.

I do hope to add more stories to this thread eventually; I'd say 'stay tuned!' but I don't expect them to be ready too quickly, so it's more like 'check back in a week or so, or possibly expect a new thread when this reaches the second page'.

Wishing you all the best,


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