Subject: :D Your comments (all the comments, really) made my morning. Thank you.
Posted on: 2020-05-19 22:11:37 UTC

In order (mostly):

-Glad that went over well! I think you may have had nice things to say about this one ("Caution") the first time it went up (as a prompt fill), so it's nice to see it still reads well two years later :)

-I would love to see more of "Keys". I'm not sure I'm up for writing more, at least currently, but I'm hopeful it'll get added to by someone eventually. Anyone with a Time Lord agent (preferably an involved one, for sense-making) is welcome to write more. In the meantime, well, reading it over made me laugh, so I thought it would be fun to bring back (and finally collect in one doc like I'd intended to; editing/formatting uniformity can still wait until it's done, though).

-"Gerry": Yeah, it's kind of a nice distinction, isn't it? :) And oh dear. I hope the transformation doesn't reverse in the air if he calms down, the same time, it might make sense if it did. Maybe he got lucky and there's a safety feature there? He doesn't pull out the wings too frequently (if ever, really), so I'm not so sure that he knows too much about how they work beyond the general mechanics. What he has to deal with most frequently, at least going by the RPs that created this aspect of him, is his body (concentrated on his hands) heating up a lot if he's steamed simmering angry enough. He's usually a pretty chill guy outside of the whole...dragon thing and pent up anger and frustration. The green tea helps, or at least he thinks it does. I'm hoping to write more of him at some point, for sure :)

-Fair enough! One was a bit of silliness, and the other is a bit more of a record/summary than a proper story. This is the last of the retirement pieces, I think, if that helps at all; I actually started it in 2017, just didn't get finished for a while. Things happened. Finally, I realized how to wrap it up, and both translate and put in a few other changes; waiting a couple years may have helped it a little, honestly? At any rate: it's done now, and out, and apart from wiki editing, that's that. Baron Than and Agents Des and the Librarian are now officially retired, as requested. I expect they're all doing reasonably well :)

-And the best for last: aaah, I'm so happy about your reaction to "Torn"! Ianto is, technically, dead in canon (though it happened after Jacques was recruited), but while there is fic along those lines (with Jack, obviously), I haven't touched it writing-wise and don't really plan to, especially since the Whoniverse doesn't tend to really...have afterlifes. Jack certainly never describes seeing anyone, either, so his case probably isn't different.

I'm glad it had emotional impact :D And yes! Yes, very much so! The freezing covers every injury he later heals from, with more intense cold for the worst ones and less intense cold for the minor ones. I think the idea may have been taken very vaguely from the occasional notion of hell being cold instead of hot (...actually, I think that might be from Supernatural, or at least used in it?) I'm glad it worked and that you spotted it (hopefully it isn't too subtle! Hrm) and thank you so much! Seriously, this was great to see first thing in the morning.


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