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Posted on: 2020-05-19 03:37:51 UTC

Caution: Humans May Be Fragile

Well done with the emotions in this piece. The dynamic between Dawn feeling hurt by Abaddon’s laughter but still needing to lean into him for support, and Abaddon feeling obligated to give it even while knowing Dawn is upset with him at the moment, feels like something that would be difficult to convey—but you’ve done it here, quite handily. Same with T’Zar being comforting towards Dawn despite not entirely understanding human comfort.

Continuity: Keys

I was following along with this as it was originally posted. I’m always a sucker for these sorts of “crossover events,” even without knowing any of the Doctor Who stuff going on. The character interactions are quite fun to read, especially with the Council’s obligation not to get overly involved in canon, and the Notary and Morgan having histories with the Doctor to make things awkward.

I would love to see the conclusion to this adventure, if the time is ever available . . . please?

Though Every Thread is Torn

Wooow, this was good. Again, I don’t know the Who universe well, but I do know about Harkness’s immortality (and therefore Jacques’s). So I guessed pretty early on that Jacques was dead, but I wasn’t sure about Ianto, like maybe the whole thing was a hallucination Jacques tends to experience when he dies and un-dies, or if Ianto is dead in canon and came to visit. What I definitely didn’t guess was that Jacques had died in a world with a canon afterlife, and was experiencing it while waiting for his body to undo the damage. Wow. That came as a real gut punch after all the suspense you set up leading up there. Also, did I imagine it, or did fake!Ianto touch and freeze Jacques everywhere he had been injured? Amazing detail if so; you really have talent for this sort of story!

Gerry on the Wing

This is definitely intriguing. I like the idea of a fantasy-genre Hulk sort of character, transforming into a dragon under anger. But I also like that his anger is something he feels on behalf of others, and not just senseless, violent rage. I wonder, if he becomes too calm as he’s flying, does the transformation reverse itself? I do hope to see more of Gerry in the future.

I didn’t really have any comments on “Bigger on the Inside” or “The Wandering Baron.” Sorry! I am sad to see yet another part of Desdendelle’s legacy get retired, though. : (

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