Subject: Comments!
Posted on: 2020-05-19 04:57:09 UTC

I think I actually read most of the prompt pieces before, with the exception of the Jacques one, oddly enough. That one is really good. It helps that I have a vested interest in the guy, but the imagery is fantastic and the dream-like quality comes through very well and increasingly creepy as it goes on. And then he just gets up and gets back to work, argh, are you even going to talk about this later??

Sorry, I think Jenni hijacked the keyboard for a second there. ^_~

I don't remember if I commented on the Dawn one or the Gerry one before, but I enjoyed them both.

Having never broken a bone or experienced any serious pain myself (nothing that couldn't be treated with extra-strength ibuprofen, heat or cold, and rest), I can only faintly imagine what Dawn must've been going through, but I'm glad she had good friends with her. Seeing Abaddon realize he was being a jerk and actively do better was really nice. T'Zar's brand of logic, "I know this helps so I'll do it even if it makes no sense to me," is also really nice.

I look forward to getting to know Gerry better and seeing if he's really a princess-rescuing shape-shifting dragon-guy. ^_^

I think I followed "Keys" as it was being written, too. ConCoun stuff is always fun. I admire the Notary's surface composure in the face of everything being ridiculous and absolutely no one giving her a break, really. And, I couldn't help but pick up on this line of hers: "I understand the 2020s were a troubled time on Earth," she said. "This seems about right for human incompetence." Yeah, we're off to a great start on this decade so far, aren't we? >.>

And, well, you know I like the song reaction. ^_~


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