Subject: That figures :D
Posted on: 2020-05-19 22:33:13 UTC

And I'm glad you think it's good! It got the most tweaking of the lot (not that that's saying much, but over the past few months here and there there were a few details that got tweaked and tweaked and tweaked), so I'm glad it turned out well and that the imagery/tone/etc came through/worked. And ha, yeah, uh...I have no idea if he's going to talk about it (sorry, Jenni!) He does have Mirrad, so you never know; he also has Jenni, and I've set this in 2016 in the end, so...there's at least a chance he'll talk about it? More likely he won't say too much, but will reach out for comfort and possibly talk to Mirrad (or Jenni, or someone else, depending on what he wants to say) about Ianto for a bit. So it's not all bad :P

I know you've read the Gerry one (comes of saying 'hey, I have a FicPsych character now and this is the only piece written for him so far'), but can't really remember what you said about it, if anything much. Glad you enjoyed the two, though.

To be perfectly honest, that story came about partially because I've never broken a bone myself (but Dawn is in far more situations where she might, so it would make sense for it to happen to her)! I had both descriptions and different types of painful experiences to draw on, though, so it worked out (though now I'd be very interested to hear what someone who has broken a bone thinks of it!) Abaddon is kind of a sweetheart underneath the bits of awkwardness and playacting and--well, he's a reasonably good guy on the whole, anyway. And I love playing around with T'Zar, a full Vulcan (as opposed to Spock and his struggles with his human side) surrounded by non-Vulcans, and how she adapts the longer she's in HQ. Same with her friendship and former partnership with Dawn (and Abaddon, but Dawn's has had more development). I think she winds up using that bit of logic more and more as the years go by; it's not exactly changing who she is, just adapting a little to ease the HQ experience, which is only logical, after all ;) It's not a matter of discomfort, of course; just a matter of not having to deal with emotional beings' reactions to what they might see as a lack of consideration, which would likely cause problems later down the line...

That's the line, anyway :) Underneath that, well, Vulcans have pretty strong emotions; if loosening the control over them ever so slightly helps the illogical beings with whom she's connected and whom she loves fiercely behind the control...well. It's not traditionally logical, but on the whole, it makes a lot of sense.

...whoops, I tangented.

At this point, I get the feeling Gerry's keeping the dragon heritage. I like it a lot, as well as the idea of actually finally having a character from an original continuum (or at least not from a canon and not from World One), which was actually a very early plan that took multiple forms and has yet to actually make it into posting. Most of the ideas have been dropped, at least when it comes to incorporating them into the PPC. At any rate, I think he'll probably keep the dragony bits, even if they don't come out to play too often.

I should probably find him a surname at some point, though this is the PPC. He could get by without one.

Oh my gosh. You know, every bit of that was written in 2019? /suspicious look/ Who wrote that? What did you know? Tell usss.

Given the song reaction is your fault, it's a good thing you like it :P I'm not sure I can blame you if I wind up throwing him at some Chameleon Circuit songs, though. (Actually, the Reader+"Gallifreyan History"...heck, a group of Time Lords+half their songs...this could be an interesting expansion of the Continuity Council.)


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