Subject: (Since we haven't had any shenanagins in a while) In the HQ Cafeteria
Posted on: 2020-07-15 01:03:50 UTC

things were going a bit worse than usual. Specifically, a blob of the meat dish needed more than just a good whack to get it to stay still, and was walking around trying to attack agents. Said agents, however, had experience with this sort of thing (given that they were in the Cafeteria in the first place), and so managed to fight off the thing. Said meat retreated through a crack in the wall ... specifically, the fourth wall.

Suddenly, Tomash found himself attacked by something that might've allegedly been food. For lack of any actual weaponry, he grabbed a nearby tape holder and whacked at the few thing a few times.

The mystery meat from beyond the multiverse then went to bother someone else who might be less violent.

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