Subject: Living alone was a fine prospect on a good day.
Posted on: 2020-07-15 16:19:24 UTC

This had not been a good day. Or a good week, or even a good couple of months for Iximaz. Still, you made do where you could—made the best of it.

She heard a clattering in the kitchen, and her head shot up off her desk where she'd dozed off. That didn't sound like the cleaners—and besides, it was five in the evening. Dorm maintenance was normally done in the morning. She grabbed the scissors in her desk drawer and slipped on a pair of Converse, going to investigate.

Through the window set in the kitchen door, she could see a blobby, meaty... thing, sliding off the countertop to land with a plop on the floor. It oozed its way to the door, pressing up against the glass. Iximaz could only stare at it—and she assumed it stared back, because it squelched against the glass in a way that sounded almost happy.

"What... the actual shpx," Iximaz said faintly.

The meat peeled away from the door window, inchworming its way across the floor to the much larger window that looked out over the courtyard. Up the glass to the open gap, and then it launched itself out into the air.

Iximaz remained staring at the window long after it was gone. Finally, she shook herself and went back to her room to resume her nap.

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