Subject: caaaaaaaaat
Posted on: 2020-07-22 00:10:31 UTC

I should mention that Master Dennington, Lord of All He Surveys, may not be the world's most reliable narrator; I did my best to convey what was actually happening - Scape putting the Mystery Meat in a pet carrier with some water and chopped vegetables - in Scape's spoken dialogue, while Denny's point of view is just text. He's viewing it as imprisonment because he absolutely loathes going to the vet for his diabetes checkups, which take ages and involve multiple blood tests (hence the remarks about pointy sharp things), and he assumes that because the Mystery Meat is in the same box he goes to the vet in, that must have been the plan.

I should also probably mention that everything Denny does in the fic? He absolutely does in real life. I have been woken by Denny trying to stick his claws in me too often to count, and he only shoves his paws up my nose because I've learned how to sleep with my mouth clamped shut. Denny is a deeply weird and strange animal, but then, he's a cat, and that's sort of the point of cats. They're weird yowly cushions that expect immediate and grovelling servitude. That's why we love them. That and the weird blood infections. =]

But yeah, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. =]

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