Subject: AAAAAA
Posted on: 2020-07-16 00:58:43 UTC

Kittyauthor shouldn't have been outside.

Of course, she was outside. The courtyard was, as places in HQ went, surprisingly peaceful. There was sun, and the grass felt good under the hands of a woman who hasn't spent time outside since... well, she couldn't remember when. Either way, her outside time back then was limited by a human-like rabbit who kept trying to sell her stuff.

In the courtyard, Kitty didn't have her time limited, at least outwardly. Her only limit was the missions, but O'Ryan would fetch her if-


Kitty sat up and looked around. There it was: a squishy piece of meat. Cafeteria meat.

It seemed disoriented for a few seconds, as if the fall actually affected it some. It began to move around, forcing Kitty to come to her senses. She stood up and began to run away from it.

"AAAAAAAAAA!" she screamed. "CAFETERIA MEAT HAS COME ALIVE! AAAAAAAAA!" The meat, having realized that Kitty existed, followed after her, picking up sticks, leaves, and other gunk. It was fairly fast for a piece of meat and was steadily catching up to Kitty, until...


The meat paused at the door, almost expecting Kitty to double-check for its existence. Then it slowly moved away.

Kitty panted from behind the door. "Okay, what the actual heck was that?" She looked up at the ceiling. "And I was just starting to enjoy my day too." She sighed and walked back to her RC.

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