Subject: "Oh, bugger."
Posted on: 2020-07-15 03:56:20 UTC

Neshomeh stared down at the thing that had just oozed its way into her kitchen.

"Phobos? You'd better call the landlord. They have to replace that crappy back door now!"

It was bad enough when it was just smoke from the neighbors' fire pit that got in around the edges of the warped old door. This was the absolute last straw. This was between Neshomeh and her tea.

She eyed the thing.

It eyed her back, insofar as it could without actual eyes.

Neshomeh eyed the kettle full of freshly boiled water just beyond it.

It hissed with the sound of a hamburger flattened against the griddle.

Neshomeh opted for a tactical retreat toward the broom she kept in a corner of the hallway. Time to do some housekeeping...

(( I'll leave it to the imagination of the reader to determine whether RP!Neshomeh actually fights it off with the broom or whether she just looks very silly waving the broom around and screaming occasionally until the thing gets bored and goes away on its own. {; P ))

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