Subject: Someone dissed us on TV Tropes!
Posted on: 2021-05-02 01:11:34 UTC

I'm a regular TV Tropes user, so this isn't to bash the website, but I found this while editing Broken Aesop:

  • Many MarySueHunter stories, most famously ''WebOriginal/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum'', present the moral of "{{Mary Sue}}s are wrong, because overpowered characters who have too much focus and exist as vehicles for the author's fantasies rob the original story of its tension and come off as insulting to it." The problem is that, by definition, the "hunter" character has to be even more powerful than the Mary Sue, they're almost invariably the main focus of the story rather than the actual original protagonists and their job is seen as essential and all-important, they're always {{Author Avatar}}s to some degree, their victory is a ForegoneConclusion and their targets are treated as SmugSnake {{Hate Sink}}s who [[CurbStompBattle lose the moment]] they don't have PlotArmor, and their entire existence is based on [[TakeThat taking someone else's character and murdering them.]] Sometimes this gets lampshaded, subverted, or justified, and often HeWhoFightsMonsters is introduced, but just as many introduce a sparkly elven princess with a dumb name who deserves nothing but scorn and disgust, and then treat the dimension-hopping, shapeshifting, universally-ordained hunter dripping in technology who shoots her through the head as without fault.

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