Subject: Acacia said it first.
Posted on: 2021-05-04 10:07:09 UTC

Acacia looked, and cringed. "This fic is just plain evil—" she shook her head. "No. No it isn't, it's worse than that. We're evil, Miss Cam is evil, this is just plain dumb."

~TOS21: The Dark Elf

The PPC is a bunch of theoretically-paid murderers who have to constantly be reminded that Torture Is Bad, Mmkay?. They have a department which glories in its mission of setting fire to everything. They recruit Sith, Orcs, Mind-flayers, and a whole assortment of other nasties. They think nothing of sending kids as young as thirteen out to kill. Their bosses care absolutely nothing for their comfort or even safety, with even the cafeteria food being a) disgusting, b) dangerous, and c) occasionally cannibalism. Their closest allies torture young fans at length for the right to write, often with the assistance of literal demons.

By any objective standard, the PPC is evil as sin.

But at least they're cheerful about it. ^_^


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