Subject: Yeah, this isn't especially new or anything
Posted on: 2021-05-02 21:40:41 UTC

Like, TV Tropes has kind of had this outdated perception of the PPC as a whole for, like, over a decade now. And admittedly, sometimes they have some points and all since from what I've heard the older PPC wasn't the... friendliest place, but these reviewer folks always seem to be missing something about us, so. (I wasn't there back then, though, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

Anyway. Like, for instance, with this one at least, the troper doesn't seem to get that the thing with Agents isn't that they brute force their way through everything with high-powered tech, but that they cheat. They're almost never physically tougher than the majority of Sues, so it encourages creativity and all that. The gist of it all seems to be random folks killing overpowered folk. (Also, this guy lists off being an self-insert like it's a bad thing on its own, so I'm not sure I'd trust this guy's values on creative writing to begin with.)

Overall, TV Tropes is kind of just pop culture Wikipedia, so I can see why some folk looking over the old pages haven't realized the PPC has changed over two decades, but hey. Nothing worth getting riled up over or anything, I think. It's just opinion, anyway.


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