Subject: [interlude?] And So My World Awoke, Pts. 1 & 2
Posted on: 2021-06-26 05:38:43 UTC

Sometime in summer (? I think?) of 2008, I joined the Board. Board veterans from that time might remember me as being kinda overenthusiastic and obnoxious, with three characters: Christianne (made by my childhood friend), Lily, and Eledhwen.

On 8/8/8, around the time of my first Permission Request, Nesh told me she was more interested in seeing Eledhwen as Christianne's partner, rather than Lily. Looking back at that from now, I find the date fittingly (and hilariously) auspicious.

This April, I started working on a backstory stitch-up fix-it fic for Eledhwen and Christianne's relationship, digging into my oldest and cringiest writing for the PPC and bringing in a little bit more logic and character development. It's designed to work like hS's Agentshipping series, where it's just dipping in and out of the spaces in between existing writing I did for E and C, so I don't know how coherent it is, but I hope it's entertaining to read nonetheless. And for those who did enjoy E and C when they were active, I hope it provides some closure on their strange trajectory between the first missions I posted of them and them ending up in a relationship in 2013.

And So My World Awoke

I have 4 chapters of this, written up to the end of the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction's 2nd year (so before E and C started doing BBC Sherlock missions and being more openly flirty to the point they end up getting together after the 2013 Blackout). I'll be sure to let you guys know when pts. 3 and 4 go up.

(This is also an I Guess I'm Back? sorta post because I do have a mission in beta that will be E and C's last, and will introduce a new DBS agent. If Sexy Times With Wangxian returns, the DBS agent will be used, so I've got some other interlude stuff -- cowrites with Zing, illustrations -- to help pass the torch, so to speak. So yeah, keep your eyes peeled!)

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