Subject: Re: the RC number
Posted on: 2021-06-29 01:46:45 UTC

Oh lord that was me in 8th grade trying to find a ridiculous number that I could actually remember, so it ended up being the name of a friend typed in l33tspeak hahaha. And then I was told it had to begin with a number, so I tacked on 9 haha.

The DBS agent in the mission I have in beta is in RC 1774 for similar reasons: 1774 in Chinese sounds like "let's all go die together" and I think it would bother him a lot :'D

Edited to add: Thank you for reading! I'm glad it's been entertaining for you so far. And I'm glad I've been able to explain/shed light on things that, honestly, back then I hadn't even really thought about. Lilith as an antagonist was originally just... I had this random evil clone of Eledhwen lying around, she even had a PPC trading card but no actual story to... be involved in? And so, bam.

I guess I was lucky to have joined just after the Macrovirus/LOMSF invasion so that that was something I could play with wrt character backstory this time around, now that I knew how to do that hahaha. LOMSF is a very interesting set of enemy groups that I know I personally enjoy working with because other people's fics aren't dragged into it. When I wrote IAHF, I actually ran around Deviantart asking people to borrow their troll Hetalia OCs as antagonists.

Anyway, the IAHF conclusion stuff in pts 3 and 4 will go up once I post my mission because there's some characters in the present day scenes who have origins in the mission. So that's something to look forward to haha

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