Subject: I think back then...
Posted on: 2021-06-30 07:41:38 UTC

The closest it got was Trojie and Pads, and the interlude in which they got together they were both in cis dude bodies at the time? The Wiki also mentions it's a sorta thing, as opposed to E and C being Definitely Girlfriends Wives.

I mean, I sorta disclaim by saying one of as opposed to the, but yeah most canon PPC pairings back then were m/f, with m/m and f/f being a bit more relegated to non-canon content/badfic games content. And also, for me personally, I definitely was not shipping E/C in 2008, partly because C was still very much tied to my friend in my mind then and mostly because baby Lily Did Not Do the Slashing. Now that Christianne's more of her own person (and older Lily barely consumes anything that doesn't have at least some LGBT rep or a Big Slash Pairing in it), I have no compunctions hahaha

That being said I think if you dig through my old Board posts you could probably watch me switch from "ew E/C is OOC" in 2008 to "I Could Be Persuaded" in ~2011 so that's... pretty funny

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