Subject: Oh gods. XD
Posted on: 2021-06-29 10:54:47 UTC

Christianne chuckled. “Were you expecting someone like Miss Cam?” she wondered. “Or Dr Huinesoron?”

“I have no idea who Dr Huinesoron is,” admitted Eledhwen, “though if he is anything like Agent Huinesoron…”

“He may even look like Dafydd Illian,” finished Christianne. Eledhwen snorted.

“You and Mr Illian,” she teased. “Should I warn Constance?”

I love it. I love it XD ^_^


I really enjoyed writing the Agentshipping stories back in't'day, and I really enjoyed reading this version. Lux's bet, the appropriately random Sindarin, all the fill-in details on things like New Cal and the Factories which have been cluttering up the back of my mind for more than a decade now (good grief).

Contrary to the wishes of Captain Dandy and the Weeds, Christianne did something stupid.


((Technically I think there would have to be some timeline jiggerypokery going on for Christianne to know of Dr hS at this point; but then, OFUDisc is entirely made of timeline jiggerypokery, so I can't exactly complain!))

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