Subject: Ah, I think I'm done on the mission front, save STWWX.
Posted on: 2021-06-29 13:38:35 UTC

Which I think got taken off of AO3 again, so I might be off the hook there because I am not jumping through the author's hoops to read it on their Dreamwidth. :P

I like the guide to New Cal! It sorta served as a starting point this time around since y'all added in more infrastructure from the last time I was here. I'll be diving into some of the New Cal stuff I added in other interludes, like Nakamura's, haha. And yes, the writing from different viewpoints is a lot of fun! I have an entire series on AO3 that's just all of my fics that use multimedia snippets, so that tells you just about how much I rely on them as a writer haha

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