Subject: Re: snippets
Posted on: 2021-06-29 01:42:33 UTC

I very much enjoyed this! I love these kind of fill-in-the-blank stories, since they often make past history relevant again, and give more context to the present day. With chapter one, I like how you use the context of Christianne's past partners and the immediate aftermath of the HQ invasion to influence Christianne's initial view of Eledhwen, only for that framing to break down over time as they worked together. Bringing up the Mary Sue factories also makes Lilith's rise as an antagonist feel more natural than I had previously thought of it from the in-universe time frame.

The epistolary segments fit in quite well with the overall snippet structure, and the letter contents themselves are quite sweet and thoughtful. I get the feeling they're being a bit more "honest" with their feelings in the letters, like a bit more of their subconscious feelings for each other are slipping onto the page?

I'm excited to see more, and also looking forward to seeing some resolution regarding the IAHF invasion. I've always been low-key worried about the folks there in the back of my mind . . .

Incidentally, I've never noticed Christianne and Eledhwen's RC number before. Does that spell something I'm just not seeing, or . . . ?


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