Subject: This runs into the 'finnicky hosts' problem.
Posted on: 2021-06-28 07:23:26 UTC

Way back, on two separate occasions, the DOGA website was taken down by its hosts: once because a badfic author strenuously objected to their fic being missioned, and once for undisclosed reasons which the host thought might be the use of profanity. (The first incident led to my only sequel mission; the second to the Department of WhatThe always being named that.) This is why my stories are on GDocs: they're less likely to go down.

FFn famously had the same issue, though I've never had trouble with my Driftwood missions. AO3 purportedly - and currently - doesn't, but... for how long? Websites change.

As, apparently, do Google. Is there any stable hosting solution? Other than getting stuff into the Wayback Machine as quick as possible?


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