Subject: It should be possible to automate this, in theory
Posted on: 2021-06-28 17:47:08 UTC

...For mission listings that are on the wiki, anyways.

We'd need to crawl each page and find pages that contain links that go to (optionally filtering to a URL format for specifically raw docs rather than web published ones), and then print the relevant pages and links. As updating would involve fetching the doc, converting it, getting it on a webpage and relinking it, that'd be harder to automate, although it's sort of technically possible.

Fortunately for us, Fandom is... actually just MediaWiki. The same wiki software that runs Wikipedia (they were actually both founded by the same guy...). And running the most popular wiki software on earth means API documentation is ample. The hard part is getting a list every page on the wiki. Once that's done, you can request the HTML, and with that parsed you can use XPath or your regional equivalent to fish out google docs links (or regex, if you don't mind considerably more fragility).

So while this is nontrivial, it is actually doable. It might be a little while before I have the time and spoons to go do it though. Sorry.

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