Subject: Hello! (And how to help the archival effort.)
Posted on: 2021-07-16 14:20:54 UTC

Good to see you! Nostalgia seems to be in the air this year. I hope it continues. ^_^ All is well with you, I hope?

Re. Gdocs, fortunately, I believe this is an easy fix. For each doc, simply select File --> Publish to the web, and that should generate an HTML page with a stable link ending in /pub.

We think these will be stable, anyway. To be extra-sure, you can always save pages at, too. This is a little tedious for Gdocs ( preserves as much of a page's function as possible and there's quite a lot to preserve in a Gdoc, so it takes a while), so anyone and everyone pitching in would be most welcome. Just check to be sure someone else hasn't saved a particular page first. {= )

Oh, and while I'm at it: Gdocs users, for the love of Kanun and Spelin, please attribute yourself and any co-writers as the author(s) by name somewhere in your docs! There is otherwise no way to figure this out from a published doc alone, and it's giving me anxiety. I mean, I know who wrote which agents for the most part, and I can usually figure it out when I don't, but not everyone is me. {= P So, please, for posterity.


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