Subject: Fandom has a tool for searching up external links.
Posted on: 2021-06-28 18:33:22 UTC

See the link in my above post, if you can—I'm not sure if that's an admin-only feature or not.

And I have AutoWikiBrowser to generate a pagelist and find & replace links semi-automatically.

The tricky part is getting a list of unique links, since the Fandom tool lists every time a link is used and the page(s) it's used on, and then making sure I have an appropriate replacement when the time comes.

Or, since some of the currently broken links are broken on purpose because their authors deleted the docs, actually removing them, which can't be fully automated because it'll involve rewriting bits of articles. On the plus side, I suppose it's high time this was done anyway, much as I don't care for the task. {= (


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