Subject: I'm seeing full-on Lindisfarne Gospels/Book of Kells.
Posted on: 2021-07-09 07:52:15 UTC

A frontispiece of the Fellowship poster done in medieval style, with J&A as bow-wielding figures flanking it. A full-page incipit like this one of "It's happened again". Elaborate illuminated capitals for scene changes, showing things such as Laurel playing Led Zep on the harp, or J&A playing cards. Speech in red ink to stand out from the black. The author's notes as jotted marginalia. And a full endpiece of the Death of Laurel as a reversed Pietà, with Legolas just looking up in confusion while J&A look sardonically on.

I reckon calligraphy runs to maybe 100 words a page, so it'll only be... well, with the illustrations... 40 pages? A nice quick little project. >:D


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