Subject: Looks like you can opt your docs out if you choose to.
Posted on: 2021-06-28 15:54:15 UTC

According to Slashdot, "Users who have shared a file that is affected by this change will get an email from Google informing them of this change and how to opt out of needing those files from being updated. These emails will be sent out to users starting on July 26th. ... Users have until September 13th to decide if they want the update applied, so if you have no files that are publicly accessible, then you won't need to do anything."

So, keep an eye out starting July 26, opt out any files you want to remain public, and you should be fine.

In the meantime, actually using Publish to Web for files you wish to remain accessible seems like a good idea. It makes them load faster, too, which is nice on the reader's end. Also if, say, someone of an archival bent wants to scan through it multiple times for mentions of canon characters so the mission can be listed on the characters' wiki pages. Hypothetically. ^_~


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