Subject: Well, it's a good thing I felt nostalgic then.
Posted on: 2021-07-16 03:38:47 UTC

I was intending on just popping in, seeing how the Board was doing (pretty dead, sadly, but it seems all forums outside Reddit are dead nowadays) and popping out. However, it seems I can actually be of some miniscule use. My missions are, admittedly, rather cringe, but for the sake of the archive I believe they should be preserved. Unfortunately, I don't know what y'all need me to do. What's the archival process for G-Docs pages? Do you need them in a particular format? I saw the spreadsheet, but I didn't see any archival procedure written there.

Also, for old times sake, a Discord link would be appreciated. I don't really use Discord much more than I ever use any social media, but seeing some old faces and new recruits would be nice.

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