Subject: Alternative Sources for Bleeprin
Posted on: 2022-01-14 06:55:55 UTC

So everyone knows Bleeprin's a wonder drug, can't live without it, a major staple of the average agent's food pyramid, etc.

However, something a lot of people might forget (unless they've been reading the Wiki recently, anyway) is that Bleeprin comes from the Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy. It's manufactured by the mini-Aragogs.

Given all the issues surrounding HFA's headmistress, I wouldn't be surprised if there's plenty of agents looking for other sources of Bleeprin, or just other mind-erasing substances in general. A couple thoughts on that courtesy of a chat between me and Nesh late last night (for me):

  • Bleeprin is a brand for a proprietary combination of brain bleach and aspirin. This means there's a generic version somewhere, maybe with a different name.
  • If there is no generic version of Bleeprin, there could still be generic brain bleach. It is a meme, after all. Bleeprin just made it easier to consume. I mean, is brain bleach topically applied to the eyes, ingested, or mainlined?
  • What about the HFA setting allows for the creation of Bleeprin? Normally, bleach (like Clorox) is created by running electric current through saltwater. Would that be substituted for magical energy in the creation of Bleeprin? Could someone with magical energy, saltwater, and powdered willow bark create bathtub hooch!Bleeprin?
  • Is the headmistress still in charge at HFA? If, say, Meir Brin and co. sacked her, would it still be ethical to support HFA financially through the purchase of Bleeprin?
  • Or you could switch to Suebuprofen. (This message was brought to you by the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile. I think.)

What do you think about the Bleeprin conundrum? Should agents find a different source or experiment with their own knockoffs? Does there exist a generic equivalent? Or are your agents switching to Suebuprofen/some other mind-erasing wonder drug?

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