Subject: Is it time for "A Kind Nepenthe"?
Posted on: 2022-01-14 09:42:25 UTC

You say Neshomeh, I say Neshomeh... ^_^

In January 2019, I reported that there was no Bleeprin shortage. None. No problems at all.

But before that, in May 2016, the REAL Real Multiverse MonitorTM pending hacked Legal's emails and found out there was a trademark issue involving unlicensed knockoffs of BleeprinTM. Meir Brin wasn't happy, apparently.

All of which was inspired by a conversation with Neshomeh earlier that month, which is apparently where I first found out that the stuff is trademarked (and has promotional materials!).

It looks like Alembic Deepwarren (formerly Medical Research Division, now DAS-VOID) was running a crackerjack bleeprin plant back in '16, and my original posts suggest the otherwise-unknown Agent Daisybert was too (probably much less safely). I'm sure they'd be more than happy to spin back up if there was a shortage.

What would be nice would be if we could find a solution that still acknowledges Meir Brin as the creator of Bleeprin. She's still a real person who hasn't done anything wrong. Hmm...

-- oh.


Patents last 20 years. HFA was published in 2002. Bleeprin just went out of patent. It is now legal for lowercase bleeprin to be made by anyone mad enough to mix bleach and aspirin in their bathtub.

There you go. A nice, elegant solution.


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