Subject: Another thing (cautions towards Bleepamol, I guess?)
Posted on: 2022-01-14 16:47:40 UTC

Paracetamol is lethal to cats and snakes, so cat-agents and snake-agents would probably have to use some other bleep product other than Bleepamol. Dogs, however, can use it, just in less quanities than humans.

So, similar to bleeprin not reccommended for avian and Time-Lords, Bleepamol should not be used by snake, cat, or were-cat agents, while it can be used in werewolves.

One more thing to note: A lot of bleep products use bleeprin as a base (Bleepka, Bleepbeer, etc.). So, if certain agents are to "phase out," so to speak, bleeprin in these products, would we have to note that somewhere? Or could we continue to use bleep products and just say/imply that we're not using bleeprin-based bleep products, but (rather) suebuprofen-based?

-kA, who felt like this was important enough to warrant a different post.

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