Subject: *Meir Brin and TZA
Posted on: 2022-01-14 14:51:57 UTC

I have a strong memory of TZA letting me know that she also should be credited for the creation of Bleeprin. {= ) Amazing, really, since that was probably in ~2004, when I was first putting together the Substance Menu.

That said, does anyone happen to know how to get in touch with Meir Brin? I stumbled on that conversation between me and hS checking to see if she left any contact info the last time she visited (which was, uh, a very long time ago), because I'd love to get her take on HFA sacking the headmistress. (I have a notion that she does get a portrait, and it's kept in a small room with the portrait of Mrs. Black for company.) Also some other thoughts about the education of a kid like Henry Robinson, whom I'm thinking needs a story about that more and more.

After, of course, checking that Brin's interested at all, after all this time.


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