Subject: The Wicked + The Divine: PPC Edition - Encore
Posted on: 2022-08-01 08:10:02 UTC

Once again...

... we return.


After managing to lose everything to Google earlier this year, I have spent the last month painstakingly restoring the WicDiv: PPC Edition records from the Board. Now that it's all there - and all backed up - and seeing as today would have been the very last day of the Recurrence ("Within two years, you will be dead"), I am very pleased to present:

The Wicked + The Divine: PPC Edition

No knowledge of the comic series The Wicked + The Divine is required, and equally, reading WicDiv: PPC Edition should not spoil the comics (but see point 3).


I have also finished the story. Issue 13, Curtain Call, includes all-new scenes: one with Tanfin (no longer Yavanna), and one with Ananke, explaining at last exactly what happened in August 2020. Note: I have also put in one-line farewells to the six gods whose authors didn't choose/have a chance to write one last year. If Alleb, Granz, Cicada, Iximaz, Silv, or Mikelus are around and want to write their god's depowering, you can use Tanfin's from last year as a model. You can also read Issue 13, but be aware that you will finish it knowing more than your god - or the kid they once again become - ever will.


After Issue 13 comes Issue 14, Liner Notes & Album Art, which forms an extended Author's Note to the event. This is where I need a Spoiler Warning: the RP itself was deliberately written with no spoilers for the WicDiv comics apart from the general setting, which you can glean from the first three issues or so. This does not remain true for the last section of Issue 14, entitled Within Two Years.... To discuss how the Recurrence would have unfolded if the gods hadn't been depowered a month in, I have had to discuss major revelations from the comics, including touching on one from the final three issues. If you plan to read the comics (you should!) and want to do so unspoiled (you also should!), you should skip over this section.


After the allotted two years, this is the conclusion of The Wicked + The Divine: PPC Edition. Every line of RP has been collated, except for half a sentence from the very beginning. Please do not start any new RP threads; or rather, you can always use August 2020 as an RP setting, but they won't be collected into the The Wicked + The Divine: PPC Edition issues.

But... if there was an ongoing RP which was nearing completion but petered out, and enough of the participants are still around, I'm happy for you to finish it off, and I will still add it. This is the same offer/request as for Issue 13: the more complete the story can be, the better. (But don't feel obligated! There's nothing in there which cut off too abruptly to work, so feel free to leave things as they are if you prefer.)

And that's it! The End of the Recurrence is at hand. Thank you to everyone who took part, and everyone who followed along; and if you've only just discovered WicDiv: PPC Edition, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it.

Once again, we return.*


*Having just reread the entire run of WicDiv, I think they actually use "Once more, we return" more often than "again". But I prefer this version, so here we are. ^_^

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