Subject: The circles are one of those things I'm happy with, but could have improved. (Still spoilers)
Posted on: 2022-08-02 12:31:05 UTC

The comics actually theme the circles to the era - the 1920s Pantheon all get beautiful art deco symbols, for example. There is a world out there where I took the time to make them all look like PPC flashpatches; but it's not this world, and I'm happy enough with what we got.

I was imagining Time still DA-LEK-ING; I don't know whether I thought it at the time, but his performance would absolutely have been Dalek Relaxation for Humans writ large. The idea of him dropping in from another timeline is interesting; along with the Ellimist it would allow for the possibility of other stories using either our Pantheon or a new one. I don't have any plans in that vein, but there's nothing stopping other people from picking it up.

Okay, that's enough spoiler buffer, so... ^_^ Thank you! I'm really glad that scene worked as intended.

Nesh and I did actually start the 2022 issue last year, buuuut it got eaten by Google. It didn't get further than everything being creepy and Yavanna having a telepathic conversation with his future self; I don't even remember what they said. Since it never got published, I decided to just leave it out.

The Spirit of Imagination has never given a personal name. In her first appearance she doesn't use one, but in her second she says "Call me Nancy; it's not my name, but it's shorter." I genuinely think she just made it up on the spot, but it's convenient, so people have picked it up and run with it. It's entirely possible she doesn't have a name, just a description. I just like the fact that the all-powerful spirit is named Nancy. ^_^

I meant what I said in the final note: Tash was amazing to read along with. You really dove into what made her Tash, and it was nice to get a little proper WicDiv meltdown action into the story despite the short timeframe.


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