Subject: Oh, no no, it's fine. (spoilers)
Posted on: 2022-08-09 10:06:45 UTC

Like I said somewhere, Future Imperfect got chewed up by Google anyway. I managed to save the first couple of exchanges, but it's all just scene-setting. I'm happy to leave it unseen outside that terrifying icon-circle, and then let people look at the endnotes if they want.

I worry, sometimes, about Nancy being Too Much. Within her limits she appears to be ridiculously powerful, and there's probably a DIA file on her that consists of an endless list of the apocalypses she could bring about. There were no apparent constraints on, y'know, the time-traveller and death god she created for WicDiv, and it's not like there's going to be a shortage of people in the PPC who'll believe whatever she tells them. Her one saving grace is that she's so over-the-top about it that someone will call her on it - that, plus it's HQ, bizarre apocalypses happen all the time. She had nothing to do with the carnivorous meatloaf, for example.

I think, like their powers and attitudes during the event, each former-god's memories afterwards will be down to how they feel about it. Tanfin remembers the whole thing, but finds it slightly cringeworthy to think about, for example.

(Oh! Is that the Body-Swap RP? Y'know, I wonder if the new Spinoff Pages approach can be extended to canonical and semi-canonical RPs, breaking them down into sub-threads and so forth. It would certainly make it easier to refer to things to have a decent page, rather than a stubby description like that one currently sports.)


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