Subject: The finale! The ending, inexorable and unyie— (for real though, spoilers!)
Posted on: 2022-08-02 03:42:08 UTC

For what it's worth, I love all of the circle symbols you designed. Not every god was going to have a simple physical concept that can be translated into a symbol like that, but you did a great job with them, and made them all visually unique. (And yes, the Tash one IS amazing!)

It's a shame Mr. Dalek didn't get to play! Especially after you went to the trouble of drawing it . . . I suppose, as another time god, we could always end up with a visit from another timeline someday? Incidentally, would it have continued to speak like a regular Dalek, or would being Time enable it to speak with sexy lady voice? Because both options are deeply hilarious!

So, I'll admit, the second that final scene opened on Nita, I was immediately thinking, "Oh, it's the Spirit of Imagination again! Of course! That's a perfectly reasonable explanation!" And the scene went on, and I kept waiting for the shoe to drop . . . and it kept going . . . and then Nita was given the Lone One's powers, and at this point, I'm legitimately freaking out, because "holy crap, it's NOT the Spirit this time! And the Lone Power was present all along, and how does this change things!?" In other words, you wrote that scene so well that, even though I technically saw where it was going, it went on just long enough for me to doubt my prediction, and in fact, to abandon all hope. Congratulations! (Side note, all you Young Wizards fans are majorly hyping me up to read that series. Hope I get the chance someday!) I definitely would have loved to see how the rest of that bad future visit would have played out, but I understand that would have been a problem for wrapping things up safely. Maybe someday, some of us with still surviving gods in that timeline can get together and RP those events as an alternate universe?

Edited to add a question I forgot: Did we already know the Spirit's real name, or is that new? Hilarious either way!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Tash parts so much! (though I feel bad that Tanfin is getting PTashSD from the Phoenix mech in his own yard now . . .) I really appreciate that you set up this RP; not only was it a unique sort of story to RP in, but it's really the only creative writing I've eked out time for in, uh . . . literal years, I don't want to try counting. I guess I need to trick myself into assigning writing time as though other folks are waiting for me to respond, so I can get more stories done, huh? But really, hS: Thank you very much for putting on this event! It was loads of fun to participate in, and even more fun to read as a whole!

—doctorlit of the desert

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