Subject: Ha ha, so furious at Google now! >8|
Posted on: 2022-08-03 03:08:56 UTC

So I was listening to that Dalek relaxation tape while I changed out of wet shoes at work today, and my teammate happened to come back in from working in an outdoor exhibit just as the video was ending. She was rather confused about what I had been listening to! But, since she needed to cool down and rehydrate from being outside, it was a perfect opportunity to let her relax as well. And soon her tension was exterminated! EXTERMINATED!

Bah, I remembered that first story Nancy had appeared in, but not the second, hence forgetting her name. It is, however, a most excellent name!

As for Tash's meltdown . . . Ironically, if I knew the Wic+Div canon, I might not have had her accelerate that quickly . . . But! It still works in character for Ilcharheen, since she's been loyal to Tash all her life. She was never going to put up any resistance to his will, consciously or unconsciously. So it make sense Tash went all the way Tash pretty much right out the gate! And as you said, at least we had a meltdown to get that proper flavor in!

—doctorlit, inexorable . . . -ly sleepy

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