Subject: Oh, this!
Posted on: 2022-08-03 14:00:01 UTC

(The following contains spoilers for the thing)

Geez, it's been a fast two years, and reading back on it I'm actually cringing a little at how... different my Agents were back then. Like, I had only gotten one mission out around this time so my Agents' personalities weren't really solid yet, and there's a few bits that I'm regretful about - namely that one scene with Charlie where they're like 'huh, never knew Jiwon did magic' when, well. He's literally a shapeshifter.

But besides that, this was nice to read again! Everyone did really well with their bits, the new writings were really nice, and seeing the Spirit of Imagination was neat - I was kind of unfamiliar with the character, so researching Nancy after this was fun. (Managing to actually frame the Key to Canon thing so it actually works, setting-wise, was impressive.) And the bit about the 'bad future' was an entertaining thought exercise. The behind-the-scenes was good too.

All in all, thanks for setting this up! The final result came out great.

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