Subject: It's always been a part of fandom culture.
Posted on: 2022-08-04 13:37:35 UTC

Ship wars have always been a thing (I'm a veteran of the Ronmione vs Harmony ship wars from Fictionalley myself), but the dressing-up of fandom activity with the language of social justice activism is a slightly more recent (well, uh, started almost a decade ago) trend. But yeah, it really got going on Tumblr where the lines between activism/politics and fandom spaces were not so delineated as they were on, say, Livejournal. I actually wrote a paper about this!

ETA that my missions from 2013-2014 aren't exempt from current me's critiques. Christianne got a bit killjoy with the Tumblr-speak there for a while, even if the whole "Sues tend to give representation only to the most privileged class of women" thing still holds some truth to it.

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