Subject: To every Multiverse there is a Mirror.
Posted on: 2022-08-05 14:09:29 UTC

A new Multiverse Theory, by the Department of Analytical Science

To every Multiverse, there is a Mirror. We have known for years about the Mirror Multiverse, and the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum who reign there. But what is it that makes them a mirror? And what would the mirror of other Multiverses look like?

The PPC is, ultimately, selfless. That's likely to be a controversial statement, but think about it: we agents are not well-paid, we don't get to take anything from the canons, we don't get to make out with characters or whatever. We are saving the multiverse at personal risk, with no direct benefits. We're doing it for them, not us.

The EPC, in contrast, is selfish. They operate in their multiverse to control it - to take it for their own. The fact that they do so by encouraging Suvians is almost irrelevant - it is the selfishness that makes them our mirror.

A simple model, then, would be to posit a Selfish Mirror to each known multiverse. There would be a selfish Mirror TCDA, Mirror Shipverse, etc etc. We can imagine what these would be like - but this theory would mean that none of the other mirrors have ever been detected, and what are the chances of that?

More likely, then, is that each mirrored pair has the defining characteristic of the Multiverse mirrored, while other characteristics remain broadly similar. To take the TCDA as an example: the Steampunk Multiverse is all about technology. Therefore its Mirror would be a multiverse which is about magic, or at least the rejection of technology - while retaining other aspects of their reality, such as the giant buildings, and the Lovecraftian influences seeping in at the edges.

As it happens, just such a multiverse is known: the Unspeakable Verse, or as we could also call it, the Mirror TCDA.

Based on the latest Multiversal Atlas, here are the theorised Mirror Pairs. Multiverses not known to actually exist are marked with an asterisk:

Prime Multiverse | Mirror Multiverse - selfless | selfish. Discussed above.

Steampunk Multiverse | Unspeakable Verse - science | magic. Discussed above.

Fandemonium | *Historic PPCs - change over universes | change over time. Where the Fandemonium (theorised to include the Wild Wild Westverse) is in a constant state of flux, changing with each new canon, the Historic PPCs multiverse (here assumed to include Ye Olde Verse) consists of a string of PPCs in the same world, occurring in sequence.

Shipverse | Mathology - emotion | logic. The Vulcan dichotomy. The Shipverse is all about feelings, while the Mathology is maths and logic.

Magical Girl Verse | Universety - adventure | relaxation. Both verses have a high school element, but where the Magical Girls are out saving the multiverse, the students in the Universety seem to be just normal kids.

Solarpunk | Noir Multiverse - day | night. It's literally in the names.

Furryverse | *Greystone Mountain - animals | monsters. One is a world where agents can be any animal; the other is one where they are all monstrous dragons who are definitely evil and probably eat helpless children whenever they get a chance of course I don't have issues shut up.

Anti-Plot Continuum | *Uncensored Schism - respect | tolerance. One is a world where every claim of offence is taken as gospel. The other is a multiverse where not liking something is a vicious attack. Neither are terribly pleasant.

Sueniverse | *The Grim Darkness - scene stealers | scene sufferers. What is the opposite of a multiverse of Suvians? It's not a multiverse without Suvians - an absence is not a negative. Rather, the opposite of a Suvian who gets everything she wants is a Suvian who is eternally tortured. They still warp the PPC and the canons around them - but the goal of the warping is to make life for the Suvian agents as grim, angsty, and torment-filled as it can possibly be. Literally nothing goes right for them.

Actually I think I've known a few agents who might be from there.

Author redacted to protect the guilty.

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