Subject: Forensic name-breaking.
Posted on: 2022-08-04 16:03:46 UTC

I'm trying to trace the key changes by playing with the following three lines:

1: "Lord of the Rings." Jay winced. "The massacre of Tolkien continues. We have... a Mary Sue." - ("The Lord of the Rings," Xena smiled. "Tolkien's execution continues. We are the . . . Mary Sue.")

2: Arwen smiled, a glassy look in her eyes. "Yes, you cannot wear your clothes. A gown would be much more suitable. Cole and Geoff will wear robes, of course. Until tonight, then..." - (Alvin smiled and looked in the mirror. "Yeah, no sunglasses. Clothes would be better. Of course Cole and Jeff wear suits. Until it gets dark, and . . .")

3: [Arwen Evenstar. Elf female. Canon. Out of Character 49.72%.] - ([Edited by Owen Evansted. A very large woman. A current classic. 49.72% were not men. ] .)

A quick hop through English > Malayalam > Chinese (Simplified) > English actually gets a lot of pieces in place:

1: "Lord of the Rings." Jia Yang smiled. "The Tolkien slaughter continues. We have a Mary Sue."

2: Alvin smiled, with a mirror in his eyes. "Yeah, you can't wear your clothes. The dress would be more appropriate. Of course Cole and Jeff will be wearing clothes. Until tonight, and then..."

3: [Alwyn Evanstadt. Elf female. Canon. 49.72% of properties. ]

We've got 'Alvin', we've separated the second 'Arwen' out (Malayalam turns it into Arween), we've got very close to Evansted. We need to turn 'a' into 'the' in #1, and change Jay somehow, before we hit Chinese, but at least we know it's part of the route.

Bambara is useful: it will often introduce the term "Tolkien's execution/assassination". Unfortunately it also likes to give "The Lord of the Congregation". I managed once to get it to turn Jay into Joy (I think by way of Russian, Bengali, and one other), but haven't managed to repeat it.

The work continues.


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