Subject: Well they have now.
Posted on: 2022-08-05 10:57:11 UTC

[Goes off to edit every story and Board post relating to said character, who is now and always has been called David Allen]

One thing the APC World One would have is editing capabilities on everything, because you always need to be able to change your statements to remove any possibility of offense. This probably even affects canons - it is routine for authors to update for new editions, and even for TV/movie producers to edit for each re-release. And then all previous editions are redacted - think Lucas refusing to sell the non-Special Editions of Star Wars, but for, like... everything.

Luckily, saying "you've ruined my childhood by changing this" was demonstrated to be problematic years ago, because it's an expression of First World privilege and an attack on anyone who didn't see the thing in question in their childhood. So there's no problem with just updating everything every time someone finds a new problem.


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