Subject: The APC has its own theory:
Posted on: 2022-08-05 14:28:24 UTC

New Multiverse from the Research Institute of Applied Sciences

Every multiverse has a mirror. We know about the eternal mirror and the plot that has been in it for years. But what makes it crystallize? What does the new multi-mirror look like?

After all, PPC is selfish. This could be a problem, but be careful. We are not a high paying broker, we don't get anything from the rules, we manage characters and so on. We take personal risks and protect the Multiverse without immediate gain. We do it for them, not for us.

Instead, EPC is self-interested. They work on many worlds to control it - to get it themselves. It doesn't matter if they do it to protect privacy - it's selfish to reflect on them.

Such a simple example is to place any mirror in the known multiverse. TCDA sailfish mirror, transom bed, etc. You can imagine how this could happen - but this theory assumes that no new face has been found, what are the chances?

Therefore, the most likely case is that each inverse pair has a different inverse multiverse sign and the other properties remain the same. Take TCDA for example, the steampunk multiverse is all about technology. The result is a multiverse centered on magic, or at least the denial of technology, but retains other aspects of reality, such as magnificent architecture and labors of love lurking on the fringes.

In this case, the multiverse looks like this: It can be called a fuzzy family, or a TCDA mirror.

According to the latest Multi-Planet Atlas, there are two theoretical mirrors. Varieties that cannot exist are marked with an asterisk.

Content of Multiverse | Mirror Multiverse-Original | Personal interests above.

Steampunk in the world | Untouchable family magic. As was mentioned.

Vandalism | * History of PPC is an ever-changing universe that changes over time. If the Fandomonium (theoretically including the Wild West) is constantly changing and changing every time a new code changes, then PPC's history (you need to insert Ye Old Line here) is the same as the scene. Rank PPC in the world.

Professional mathematics-I find emphasis that the Balkans is different. Shipverse is about emotions and math is about math and logic.

The Girl's Universe of Poetry Wisdom-Search | Break Both stories have an elementary school setting, but in the scene where a magical girl goes to save the multidimensional world, the college students are like regular kids.

Surya Bank | Black Multiverse-Day | Night As the name suggests.

Frafus | * Graystone Mountains-Hunter | Wild Animal First is a world where players can transform into any animal. Second, they are all very evil dragons and will eat helpless kids if given the chance, I'm fine with that and shut up.

Post Anti-Idol * Len Broken Filter-You | Lack of equality. Some communities consider allegations of fraud to be good news. Another dislike of the aggressive multiverse. Not ideal at all.

Plant | * Deep Darkness-Rogue | This place causes pain. What are the many paradoxes of Suvi? There is not much in the world without the Soviet Union - it is bad not to have it. But unlike Sophian, who has had her wishes granted, Sophian is always violent. While PPC and the rules surrounding it continue to change, the misguided goal is to make life miserable, confusing and offensive for gullible customers. Apart from that there is no place for them.

Actually, I think I know the agent is leaving.

The author is too good at protecting the day.

((Yup, I put hS’ post through Google Translate.))

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