Subject: I feel like the real difference is...
Posted on: 2022-08-04 18:00:32 UTC

...The actual rhetoric. Old-school ship wars tended to center around the idea that your interpretation of the character is Bad and Wrong and that my interpretation is way more true to canon and also better, and you actually need to go back and read the books/watch the films/re-experience canon to see what I mean. I mean, I've not been around fandom as long as some of you, so I could be wildly wrong here, but that's the sense I got.

And this is still definitely a thing (I've seen these fights and most definitely have Opinions in some cases. This will continue to happen for as long as two people in fandom interpret canon differently, and thus will go on forever). But what we see now is the increasing prevalence of the idea that your ship is morally wrong and there is something Wrong With You for writing it. Which... I mean that definitely existed since forever, but it seems to be a much more prevalent attitude. I distinctly recall the phrase "anything can be written well" being more common, and the PPC, even at our absolute worst and harshest, always came down opposite this by its very conception ("you can write bad fanfic, and we can write fanfic making fun of it" is kind of the inverse of "your bad fanfic should be erased from existence"—this is why the Anti-Plot Continuum would likely not really exist in a PPC-less world...).

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